Hasi goat meat Quality Label (Geographical Indication)

RASP has completed  “Hasi goat meat Quality Label” in the framework of the BiodivBalkans project Conservation and valorization of biodiversity for sustainable rural development in the Balkan mountain.

The goal of the project was

”Promotion of origin-linked products as Hasi goat kids via quality sign system, in Hasi district, which are expected to generate a sustainable development of agriculture and preservation of the biodiversity”

Project Objectives :

A. To establish Hasi Goat Breed Association, validate a selection scheme and recognize as legitimate by all breeders on the basis of a participatory diagnosis of existing breeding and selection practices and an assessment of the breed performances (milk – meat – breeders); to establish a Herd Book is in conformity with national standards and requirements.

B.  To build GI process around the Hasi Goat kid Meat through  delimitation of the territory, specification of the product (Hasi Goat Kid Meat), selection of the most adapted label and registration of the product (as GI or Red Label), and establishment of a producer group, dissemination and publicity of the product.

The project has started in May 2014 and was completed in December 2016

The project “Farm-Tour: Development of Agrotourism in Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro”, financed by the European Union under the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program Albania-Montenegro is currently being implemented by RASP, as the main applicant and the partner organizations from Montenegro, Regional Tourism Organization Bjelasica & Komovi.

This project’s concept of agrotourism is connected to rural areas and agriculture, including traditional practices of production, processing or usage of products. Therefore, the project is extended in areas, which are known for the development of farming activities such as in three communes of Albania, in Margegaj (Tropoje), Shishtavec (Kukes) and Fierza and in 2 communes in Montenegro, in Plave and Andrejevica.

In the framework of this project it was realized the following promoting video clip:


The project aims at developing and promoting a sustainable tourism through the establishment of pilot agrotourism activities in the border areas of Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro, based in the usage of natural and cultural resources and also in a large involvement of local government in this process. All the communes mentioned above will be involved as main partners in the project. A network of 20 pilot farms will be established in both sides of the border, in Albania and Montenegro, that will serve as a model for agrotourism, which stands on local tradition, cultural inheritance of each region in order to offer the visitors a unique tourism experience.


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