Services to support the development of sustainable agritourism in Albania. Agreement with FAO (United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food)

In the framework of the letter of agreement with FAO, our organization conducts several activities in support of the sustainable development of agritourism in Albania. The project started in the period August 2021 and will be completed in June 2022. The areas that will be included in the project are all the regions of Albania.

This project has these objectives:

  • Identification of areas for sustainable development of agritourism in Albania based on plant varieties / animal products;    
  • Promotion of Good Practices for a sustainable development of agritourism;
  • Development of workshops to exchange information and knowledge with agritourism interest groups (municipality, government, private sector, farmers’ groups, etc.) to establish the Agrotourism Network (ATN) in Albania;
  • Evaluate the legal, political and institutional framework related to family farming and rural youth.

The project is organized by four components:

  • Output 1: The most potential thematic and geographical areas and local plant varieties in selected areas for piloting agritourism development are identified as a tool for agrobiodiversity conservation and promoting local/organic/GI products;
  • Output 2: The current legal framework on agritourism is reviewed and Good Practices are identified to be capitalized for a sustainable agritourism in the selected area;
  • Output 3: Promote exchange of information and know-how between agritourism stakeholders to link value chains with agritourism and develop sustainable agritourism through the establishment of the Agritourism Network (ATN);
  • Output 4: Assessment of policy, legal and institutional framework on family farming is prepared supporting the development of a National Action Plan (NAP) for family farming.


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