In January 27, in Gjegjan village of Kukes region, it was held the ceremony for promotion of the “Catalogue of Traditional food products of Kukes region”, produced by two Organizations PROGRESS and RASP with the support from CBC project of EU and UNDP.

This catalogue is a very serious product, which will support the promotion of the culture of that region and will help the development of tourism sector. In this publication are described about 75 different products of agriculture, animal production, agro processing and traditional cuisine. For all products in the catalogue there are described: method of preparation, season, and link with tradition. The catalogue is published in two languages, Albanian and English, and it is illustrated with pictures of each product.

The catalogue is distributed to all local and national institutions, that work or collaborate in tourist sector, project and programs that work on development of this sector, tourist agencies, hotels and restaurants in the region, and soon the catalogue will available in the market in Albania and abroad.


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