In the framework of the project “Farm-Tour: Development of Agrotourism in Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro”, financed by the European Union, the second fair of agrotourism was organized on the 9th of November 2012 in Andrejevica, Montenegro. This activity follows the first fair of agrotourism, organized in Valbona on the 15th of September 2012.

20 farmers from both countries participated in this event (10 from Albania and 10 from Montenegro, who are involved in the project and whose farms will be turned into agro tourism farms). The farmers from the communes of Plava and Andrejevica together with farmers’ associations and other artisans working in the field of tourism presented a wide range of agricultural and farming products, processed products and traditional cookings.

The Chairman of the Commune of Andrejevica Mr. Srdjan Masovic and the Chairman of the Commune of Plava Mr. Orhan Sahmanovic participated in this event. The opening speech was held by the Manager of the Commune of Andrejevice Mr. Miodrag Ivanovic and then Mr. Petrit Dobi, Project Director and Mrs. Tatjana Medenica, Project Director of Montenegro said a few words.

The fair was visited by a high number of residents of the area. The atmosphere became more festive when various groups of pupils from the schools of Andrejevica and Plave performed traditional dances. The group of farmers and experts from Albania had the chance in this event to exchange experience about the future development of their products and of agro tourism as an opportunity to generate greater incomes.

This event was covered by the local and national media of Montenegro.


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