RASP implemented a program for the compilation of “Environment Management Plans in the framework of Promoting the Development of Sustainable Tourism” in the Commune of Shishtavec, in the region of Kukes and the Commune of Margegaj, in the region of Tropoja, financed by the Mountain Area Development Agency (MADA). The project implemented “The Code of Good Practice for involving the community”. This methodology has been widely applied by RASP in several projects of the organization. For this project RASP engaged several known experts in the field of forestry, biodiversity, tourism and economy.

RASP implemented the project “Strengthening the Role of the Community in Strategic Planning for Local Development” in the regions of Kukes and Has, a project financed by Balkan Trust for Democracy. It is an eight month project starting in January and ending in September 2012. Several local organizations in Kukes and Has were engaged in working with local communities to increase their awareness and engagement in strategic planning for local development. The local organizations involved in the project are “Progres” Center, “Alb-Aid” association, the Center of Counseling and Social Services for Women and the association “Integrimi”. RASP in collaboration with TACSO Albania has carried out the training “Involvement of civil society and of the community in the decision making process” before the implementation of BTD project. A particular aspect of this project was the application of the Code of Good Practice on civil participation as e training methodology for involving the community. This methodology has been approved by the Conference of NGOs and welcomed by the Congress of Local and Regional European Authorities as well as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

RASP implemented the project “Development of Tourism and Environment Development Plans in the Communes of Petrele, Baldushk and Berzhite” in the framework of the Partnership for Innovation Fund of the Foundation ALCDF. The project was be carried out in cooperation with the communes involved and with the participation of various stakeholders, groups of interests and of the community.

RASP implemented a methodology, which turned out to be successful in previous projects such as in the project of Puka for the “Development of Puka Tourism Plan”.

The project’s final purpose was achieved through the publication of the Tourism and Environment Development Plan for the Communes of Petrele, Baldushk, that identified historical, cultural and natural resources, priorities and concrete and detailed actions and interventions. The resources of the area were promoted through the publication of brochures and in the web pages of the Communes of Petrele, which was created for this purpose within the project timeline.

In the past years RASP has been implementing a program, which includes explorations in most remote areas to discover, identify and then promote local products as a very important part of cultural heritage and a very valuable resource for development of tourism and raise of incomes from this sector for local populations.

In the framework of the program for the identification and promotion of traditional food products in different areas of Albania RASP started this experience with the publication and promotion of the the “Catalogue of Traditional food products of Kukes region” in partnership with its local partner PROGRESS. This experience continued in other areas of Albania such as in the region of Korca. Concretely, RASP recently finished the implementation of the project “Identification and promotion of local food and gastronomy as an asset for development of tourist services and workforce in Korca Region” funded by Rritje Albania, USAID. This project served for the identification of traditional recipes of the Korca region, the publication of this tradition in a catalogue and promotion of these activities in order to improve tourism service and raise the capacity of the work force. A great number of stakeholders was involved in this project such from local governance, local businesses, students from the Professional Economic School of Korca and Pogradec etc. It was a very dynamic project due to its diverse participants, who came from different background and who brought with themselves a various range of experiences and perspectives.

RASP in partnership with PROGRESS center completed the implementation of the project “Identification and promotion of local agricultural, agro processed and gastronomic products of Kukes region” financed by small grants of “Kukes Region Cross Border Cooperation Programme” implemented by UNDP.

RASP, in collaboration with Kukes Farmers Federation, is implementing the project “Replacing Medicinal Chemicals Extracted from Wild Plants in Albania”. This project is funded by Environ Foundation

“Involvement of the community and civil society in strategic planning for local development on Environment and tourism sector in Kukes region” funded by BTD and local government. For implementation of this project RASP has established a very usefull coolaboration with “Kukes tourism and invironment development and promotion project” implemented by UNDP.

“Strengthening Rural Democracy” is a program implemented by RASP during the period 2005-2010 in Northern part of Albania (Puka, Kukes and Has)

“Raising community awareness on human trafficking” in Puke and Fushe Arres supported by British Embasy, have been completed last June.

“Community Enterprise & Development Project” in Butrinti National Park where RASP has implemented several activities to support agriculture development in partnership with Butrinti Foundation

– “Development of sustainable practices for production, collection and marketing of medicinal and aromatic herbs from Puka District”

– Meat production and processing with closed cycle

– Reducing rural poverty in the Puka region of northern Albania through diversification into beekeeping

–  Strengthening of democratic beekeeper associations in Kosovo and Albania


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