What we do

Bleterritesit duke shkembyer pervoja

RASP provides expertise in several areas related to rural development:

A. RASP provides expertise in several areas related to rural development. Collective action has been and remains one of the organization’s priority areas. RASP considers collective action as a necessary approach for rural development. The experience of the organization includes the establishment and strengthening of farmers’ groups and associations, the understanding of the dynamics, psychology and problems of groups in problem solving and human resource management. RASP also supports the creation of Local Action Groups (LAGs) within the LEADER Approach, the drafting of local development strategies; identification, design and implementation of local development mini-projects; their monitoring and reporting. RASP also supports the creation of networks and clusters of rural development actors. 

B. RASP provides special expertise for the development of local agricultural and livestock products and especially of local products linked to their geographical origin (Geographical Indicators) in aspects of development in all links of the supply chain of the product, as well as supporting the group of farmers and local actors related to the product. RASP also supports with professional expertise the entire process of certification of products of origin with the geographical indication sign and their promotion as products that contribute to local economic development in rural areas.

RASP’s expertise in the field of geographical indications focuses on aspects such as:

  • Preparation of manuals and guides for the development of origin products (geographical indication);
    • Methodology for identification of agriculture products linked with their geographical origin;
    • Determination of specific characteristics and qualities of the origin product;
    • Delimitation of the geographical area of product production;
    • The connection between the product and its geographical area;
    • Completion of documentation for product application and registration;
    • Support of the local actors association for the management of the product registered as a geographical indication;

C. Support for the development of agritourism is one of the priorities of RASP. Despite the fact that the projects in the field of agritourism started in 2013 (see Projects), the consideration of agritourism as a priority in the diversification of agriculture and the program of 100 villages launched by the Albanian government, evidenced the necessity of a more essential, professional and visionary commitment of RASP in this field. The analysis of the sector, the identification of problems, the exploration of local genetic resources and traditional products as a basic element of agrotourism, the identification and promotion of special topics, as well as the support for the increase of human capacities are aspects where RASP’s contribution to this sector has been evident.

D. RASP supports and promotes the use of digital information and communication technologies in agriculture farm management, considering them as “smart” solu