Ongoing Projects

V4-WB6 Incubator for Digital Farming (IDF) On May 2018 a new V4 project starded. The main goal of the Incubator for Digital Farming is to create a meeting place for professionals, regional and national project team members including students that are having ideas, PoC, start-ups or acting as freelancers. IDF will help both, agriculture and […]

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Completed Projects

Hasi goat meat Quality Label (Geographical Indication) RASP has completed  “Hasi goat meat Quality Label” in the framework of the BiodivBalkans project Conservation and valorization of biodiversity for sustainable rural development in the Balkan mountain. The goal of the project was ”Promotion of origin-linked products as Hasi goat kids via quality sign system, in Hasi […]

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Other Projects Implemented 1997-2010

RASP implemented a program for the compilation of “Environment Management Plans in the framework of Promoting the Development of Sustainable Tourism” in the Commune of Shishtavec, in the region of Kukes and the Commune of Margegaj, in the region of Tropoja, financed by the Mountain Area Development Agency (MADA). The project implemented “The Code of Good Practice […]

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