According to the Letter Agreement with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the Community) for the project “Supporting the sustainable development of agritourism in Albania”, RASP has organized on March 29.2022 in the city of Permet workshop on “Identify needs and challenges for taking actions to support agritourism development”

The aim of the workshop was:

  • Presentation of the project objectives and related activities;
  • Identify challenges for taking actions to support agritourism;
  • Identify needs for institutional support and capacity building.

Different actors participated in the workshop: representatives of guesthouses, agritourism restaurants, representatives of tourist guides, representatives of the Administration of Protected Areas, representatives of the Municipality of Permet, CESVI (an Italian organization operating in Permet), representatives of the Agricultural Advisory Service.

The workshop was conducted in two different sessions: In the first session were presented:

  • Project objectives and its connection to agritourism;
  • Agritourism; the models to follow;
  • Agritourism in North Albania, progress and challenges.

In the second session, group work took place. The group work was carried out according to the world café model. Participants were divided into three separate groups and 3 persons from RASP staff went to each group to gather the necessary information according to the issues written below.

The group work aimed to analyze and identify the following topics:

  • Agrotourism;
  • Collaboration/ Networking;
  • Rural tourism;
  • Policymaking

After gathering information in each group, RASP staff introduced them to the participants. These results will serve the RASP experts to continue the work further.


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