In the framework of the project “Farm-Tour: Development of Agrotourism in Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro”, financed by the European Union under the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program Albania-Montenegro, RASP organized the “Fair of Agrotourism” in the village of Valbona, Commune of Margegaj on the 15th of September 2012.

Sixty five local products of the region were promoted during the fair such as vegetables, fruits, jams, honey, traditional dishes, animal products and their derivatives. Several marketing elements such as labels and personalized packaging were presented for a number of products. Around 20 farmers/producers of the Communes of Margegaj, Shishtavec, Fierze and others from this region participated in this fair together with 10 farmers and specialists from the communes and the partner organization of Montenegro, RTO Bjelasica & Komovi, who are part of the project.

The activity was opened by the welcoming speech of the Head of the host Commune of Margegaj, Mr. Rexh Biberaj. In addition, Mr. Petrit Dobi, Manager of the Project “Farm-Tour: Development of Agrotourism in Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro” made a presantation of the project. In the mean time, Mrs. Tatjana Medenica, Local Project Manager of Montenegro presented the topic “Partnership with organizations of Montenegro, a paved street”.

The presence of dancers and singers from Tropoja contributed to a joyful atmosphere throughout the entire duration of the fair. The participants then visited the fair and had a taste of several traditional products, presented in the fair. Many local and foreign tourists participated in this activity. Televisions and journals covered the event in the media.


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