RASP promoted the Catalogue of Local Food Products of Korca Region, during the event “Pie Feast” organized by the City Hall of Korca, on the 21st of June 2012, in the “Rinia Park”. The catalogue was result of an intensive work, carried out in the framework of the project ““Identification and promotion of local food and gastronomy as an asset for development of tourist services and workforce in Korca Region”, financed by Rritje Albania, USAID and Tabita. It includes 80 traditional food products of the Korca region (Devoll, Prespa, Pogradec, Leskovik) that have a long history and tradition of preparation in this region. The event was opened by the Mayor of Korca, Mr. Niko Peleshi and by the Director of RASP, Mr. Petrit Dobi. Music was also an important company of the activity, which contributed to a beautifu, joyful atmosphere. The participants could also taste a great number of traditional products, particularly the pie with two layers, named “Lakror ne sac”, which is one of the most famous cooking of Korca.  A great number or restaurants, specialized in traditional cuisine participated in this event together with various tourism agencies of Korca and Tirana, the DMO office of Korca, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Consumer Protection, from the Ministry of Education, from the City Hall of Korca, the staff and pupils of the Economic High School of Korca “Isuf Gjata” etc. The catalogue was sold during this event with a symbolic price to the participants.


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