In the framework of the project “Strengthening the Role of Community in Strategic Planning for Local Development”, funded by Balkan Trust for Democracy, RASP promoted the publication of the Plans of Development for 7 local units of the Kukes Region, of the Kukes Municipality, Krume Municipality, Shishtavec Commune, Bicaj Commune, Topojan Commune, Golaj Commune and the Commune of Terthore.

The realization of these plans was made in cooperation with the local partner organizations: Progres” Center, “Alb-Aid” association, the Center of Counseling and Social Services for Women and the association “Integration and Democratic Development” that worked with local communities to increase their awareness and engagement in strategic planning for local development and in cooperation with the Municipalities and Communes, involved in the project.

These development plans propose a development program for stimulating support and investments, as well as a planning mechanism, combining priorities according to sectors and villages to serve the local government, the Albanian government, donors, NGOs and the community.

The activity took place in the city of Kukes with the participation of all the stakeholders, involved in the project such as the Chairman of the Kukes Region, Mr. Ibsen Elezi, who said a few words congratulating the work done for the development plans; Chairmen of the Municipalities and the Communes; representatives from the local partner organizations; members of the community etc. The Director of RASP, Mr.Petrit Dobi held an opening speech, followed by the representatives of the local partner organizations. The activity was covered by the local media of the region of Kukes.


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