On 5 November 2020, RASP has organized the workshop “Development of Agritourism as an alternative for diversification of agricultural activities” in the framework of LoA with FAO. The workshop was organized on the premises of Agritourism Huqi, in rural areas of Durres Municipality.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • to sensitize different stakeholders of agritourism,
  • to present the draft Position Paper on Agritourism, prepared by a team of experts, and
  • to engage stakeholders in a network of agritourism.

In this workshop have participated representatives from FAO, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, GIZ, Academia, agritourism businesses, NGOs etc.

Main presentation on agritourism in Albania, its typology, problems and recommendations was presented by Dr. Shpresim Domi, expert in agritourism in Albania. Other presentations from different stakeholders have elaborated aspects of agritourism as food safety in agritourism, use of local varieties, products, and culture etc. Profiles of agritourism in municipalities of Malesia e Madhe and Belesh have been presented by representatives of municipalities.

Discussions from academia, private businesses, NGOs have elaborated different aspects of agritourism and have given a rich contribution to the output of the workshop, and will be included in the Position Paper.


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