On the 14th of June 2012, RASP in cooperation with the Economic Schoolf of Korca “Isuf Gjata” organized a promotional event for the traditional cuisine of Korca in the premises of the school. The students themselves prepared a large variety of dishes with the assistance of their teachers and presented them to the participants, who had a taste of these special products. A number of 35 traditional cooking products of Korca were presented.

This activity was carried out in the framework of the project “Identification and promotion of local food and gastronomy as an asset for development of tourist services and workforce in Korca Region”, financed by Rritje Albania, USAID and TABITA.

RASP distributed several prices to the most distinguished students of the Economic School “Isuf Gjata” and to the school itself for a successful participation in this event. The prices were symbolic plates, with famous pictures illustrating food. Futhermore, certificates of gratitude were distributed to the students for the preparation and qualitative presentation of traditional products of the Region of Korca. Several restaurants of the area participated in this activity and presented their finest traditional cooking.

Amongst the invitees there was the Mayor of Korca, Mr. Niko Peleshi, who congratulated the project and the event of traditional cooking; Bujar Vila, representative of the Region of Korca; The Rector of the University of Korca, Mr. Gjergji Mero, representatives of Rritje Albania and several other personalities of the city of Korca. This event was transmitted in the local TV channels of Korca.


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