In the framework of the FAO project “Strengthening the functional linkages and building capacities among the stakeholders of the national research and extension system for providing effective and relevant services to Albanian smallholder farmers”, the Agricultural Network for innovation, Research and Extension was created. Scientific Research Institutes, centers for the transfer of technology, structures of the extension services, nongovernmental organizations and associations focused in agriculture, suppliers of agricultural inputs etc are part of this network.

This network aims at building a communication strategy in the extension through technological means of information and communication by connecting people in various geographical areas; enabling discussions and exchange of information; also by enabling a fast processing and management of data; it is an incentive for a better coordination of resources; it enables an informed decision-taking process etc.

Consequently, a training on “Basics on information and communication technologies and training of trainers for effective use of VERCON-Albania” was held in Vore, Albania from 19-22 of July 2011. Furthermore, all stakeholders participating in the training decided for the creation of the Agricultural Network for Innovation, Research and Extension.


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