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RASP refreshes the group of volunteers


RASP is currently forming a group of Albanian and foreign volunteers, that will participate in its activities on field related to the implementation of project and in other activities of humanitarian, cultural purpose, in the field of environment and tourism. Everyone interested is welcomed to contact us in the e-mail address and send us their CV and a short text, expressing their motivation to cooperate with RASP.




RASP promotes development plans for 7 local units

of the Kukes Region


In the framework of the project “Strengthening the Role of Community in Strategic Planning for Local Development”, funded by Balkan Trust for Democracy, RASP promoted the publication of the Plans of Development for 7 local units of the Kukes Region, of the Kukes Municipality, Krume Municipality, Shishtavec Commune, Bicaj Commune, Topojan Commune, Golaj Commune and the Commune of Terthore.

The realization of these plans was made in cooperation with the local partner organizations: Progres” Center, “Alb-Aid” association, the Center of Counseling and Social Services for Women and the association "Integration and Democratic Development” that worked with local communities to increase their awareness and engagement in strategic planning for local development and in cooperation with the Municipalities and Communes, involved in the project.

These development plans propose a development program for stimulating support and investments, as well as a planning mechanism, combining priorities according to sectors and villages to serve the local government, the Albanian government, donors, NGOs and the community.

The activity took place in the city of Kukes with the participation of all the stakeholders, involved in the project such as the Chairman of the Kukes Region, Mr. Ibsen Elezi, who said a few words congratulating the work done for the development plans; Chairmen of the Municipalities and the Communes; representatives from the local partner organizations; members of the community etc. The Director of RASP, Mr.Petrit Dobi held an opening speech, followed by the representatives of the local partner organizations. The activity was covered by the local media of the region of Kukes.



Second fair of agro tourism in Montenegro


In the framework of the project “Farm-Tour: Development of Agrotourism in Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro”, financed by the European Union, the second fair of agrotourism was organized on the 9th of November 2012 in Andrejevica, Montenegro. This activity follows the first fair of agrotourism, organized in Valbona on the 15th of September 2012.

20 farmers from both countries participated in this event (10 from Albania and 10 from Montenegro, who are involved in the project and whose farms will be turned into agro tourism farms). The farmers from the communes of Plava and Andrejevica together with farmers’ associations and other artisans working in the field of tourism presented a wide range of agricultural and farming products, processed products and traditional cookings.

The Chairman of the Commune of Andrejevica Mr. Srdjan Masovic and the Chairman of the Commune of Plava Mr. Orhan Sahmanovic participated in this event. The opening speech was held by the Manager of the Commune of Andrejevice Mr. Miodrag Ivanovic and then Mr. Petrit Dobi, Project Director and Mrs. Tatjana Medenica, Project Director of Montenegro said a few words.

The fair was visited by a high number of residents of the area. The atmosphere became more festive when various groups of pupils from the schools of Andrejevica and Plave performed traditional dances. The group of farmers and experts from Albania had the chance in this event to exchange experience about the future development of their products and of agro tourism as an opportunity to generate greater incomes.

This event was covered by the local and national media of Montenegro.



RASP organized the “Fair of Agrotourism” in Valbona


In the framework of the project “Farm-Tour: Development of Agrotourism in Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro”, financed by the European Union under the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program Albania-Montenegro, RASP organized the “Fair of Agrotourism" in the village of Valbona, Commune of Margegaj on the 15th of September 2012.

Sixty five local products of the region were promoted during the fair such as vegetables, fruits, jams, honey, traditional dishes, animal products and their derivatives. Several marketing elements such as labels and personalized packaging were presented for a number of products. Around 20 farmers/producers of the Communes of Margegaj, Shishtavec, Fierze and others from this region participated in this fair together with 10 farmers and specialists from the communes and the partner organization of Montenegro, RTO Bjelasica & Komovi, who are part of the project.

The activity was opened by the welcoming speech of the Head of the host Commune of Margegaj, Mr. Rexh Biberaj. In addition, Mr. Petrit Dobi, Manager of the Project “Farm-Tour: Development of Agrotourism in Northern Albania and Eastern Montenegro” made a presantation of the project. In the mean time, Mrs. Tatjana Medenica, Local Project Manager of Montenegro presented the topic “Partnership with organizations of Montenegro, a paved street”.

The presence of dancers and singers from Tropoja contributed to a joyful atmosphere throughout the entire duration of the fair. The participants then visited the fair and had a taste of several traditional products, presented in the fair. Many local and foreign tourists participated in this activity. Televisions and journals covered the event in the media.



RASP promotes the Catalogue of Local Food Products

of Korca Region


RASP promoted the Catalogue of Local Food Products of Korca Region, during the event "Pie Feast" organized by the City Hall of Korca, on the 21st of June 2012, in the "Rinia Park". The catalogue was result of an intensive work, carried out in the framework of the project "“Identification and promotion of local food and gastronomy as an asset for development of tourist services and workforce in Korca Region”, financed by Rritje Albania, USAID and Tabita. It includes 80 traditional food products of the Korca region (Devoll, Prespa, Pogradec, Leskovik) that have a long history and tradition of preparation in this region. The event was opened by the Mayor of Korca, Mr. Niko Peleshi and by the Director of RASP, Mr. Petrit Dobi. Music was also an important company of the activity, which contributed to a beautifu, joyful atmosphere. The participants could also taste a great number of traditional products, particularly the pie with two layers, named “Lakror ne sac”, which is one of the most famous cooking of Korca.  A great number or restaurants, specialized in traditional cuisine participated in this event together with various tourism agencies of Korca and Tirana, the DMO office of Korca, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Consumer Protection, from the Ministry of Education, from the City Hall of Korca, the staff and pupils of the Economic High School of Korca "Isuf Gjata" etc. The catalogue was sold during this event with a symbolic price to the participants.



Promotional Event for the Traditional Cuisine of Korca


On the 14th of June 2012, RASP in cooperation with the Economic Schoolf of Korca “Isuf Gjata” organized a promotional event for the traditional cuisine of Korca in the premises of the school. The students themselves prepared a large variety of dishes with the assistance of their teachers and presented them to the participants, who had a taste of these special products. A number of 35 traditional cooking products of Korca were presented.

This activity was carried out in the framework of the project “Identification and promotion of local food and gastronomy as an asset for development of tourist services and workforce in Korca Region”, financed by Rritje Albania, USAID and TABITA.

RASP distributed several prices to the most distinguished students of the Economic School “Isuf Gjata” and to the school itself for a successful participation in this event. The prices were symbolic plates, with famous pictures illustrating food. Futhermore, certificates of gratitude were distributed to the students for the preparation and qualitative presentation of traditional products of the Region of Korca. Several restaurants of the area participated in this activity and presented their finest traditional cooking.

Amongst the invitees there was the Mayor of Korca, Mr. Niko Peleshi, who congratulated the project and the event of traditional cooking; Bujar Vila, representative of the Region of Korca; The Rector of the University of Korca, Mr. Gjergji Mero, representatives of Rritje Albania and several other personalities of the city of Korca. This event was transmitted in the local TV channels of Korca.



RASP participates in the opening of the summer season

of Pogradec


On the 1st of June 2012, the city of Pogradec opened the summer season through an event organized by the City Hall of Pogradec. Several fairs, sport races and many other activities were organized in the framework of this event. RASP participated with a stand, where it presented the activities of the project “Identification and promotion of local food and gastronomy as an asset for development of tourist services and workforce in Korca Region”, co-financed by Rritje Albania, USAID. Several restaurants were invited to present traditional cooking of the area of Pogradec. Traditional products were accompanied by informative leaflets describing tradition and method of preparation.



Annual analysis of RASP activity


On the 4th of April 2012, RASP organized a meeting with the board of directors and the staff for the annual analysis of the year 2011 to discuss the achievements and issues of the organization in the last years and tasks for the upcoming year. The participants were handed out a report for the activities of RASP. Both the staff and the board of directors of RASP had the chance to discuss and ask questions related to past and current projects of the organization.



Strengthening of the Role of the Community in the

Strategic Planning for Local Development


RASP is implementing the project “Strengthening of the Community Role in the Strategic Planning for Local Development” in the regions of Kukes and Has, financed by Balkan Trust for Democracy. One particular thing about this project is that RASP will include several local organizations in the work with the community in order to raise the awareness and increase the role of community representatives in the strategic planning for local development. The local organizations that will be involved are the Center “Progress”; “Alb-Aid” association; the Center for Counseling of women and Social Services; the association “Integrimi”.



Meeting with the community of Pogradec for the identification of local traditional products


On the 17th of December 2011, RASP organized a meeting in the village of Udenisht, in Pogradec to identify traditional products of the area, in the framework of the project “Identification and promotion of Local food and gastronomy as an asset for development of Tourist services and workforce in Korca Region”, financed by Rritje Albania, USAID. Thirty women and men from the villages and the city participated in the meeting. Mr Petrit Dobi, the Director of the project presented a material about agro tourism and the opportunities for development in this sector in Pogradec region. The meeting continued with discussions about traditional cooking in the area. A large number of cooking products were identified such as fish traditional dishes, meat, pastry etc. The collection of information for these products will soon start based on the information obtained during this meeting.



“Participation of civil society and of the community

in the decision making process” – 1 training 3 cities,

Vlora, Berat and Kukes


In the framework of the TACSO Albania project, RASP organized a training workshop about the “Involvement of civil society in the decision making process”. This training took place in three Albanian cities such as in Vlora, Berat and Kukes starting from June-August 2011. The participation of communities and civil society in the decision making process seems to be a very strong issue nowadays. The Code of Good Practice was presented during these trainings outlining a new methodology for achieving the involvement of civil society through all the stages of decision making. Other topics discussed were the role of civil society in decision making, the participation of the community etc. This training was carried out in two days. The second day was a follow-up session, where participants had to present an individual assignment. RASP, represented by the trainer Petrit Dobi presented a set of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments to the participants, who came from the civil society sector and from the local governance structures. The conclusion of this training had a positive feedback from the participants, who expressed their desire to have similar activities in the future.



RASP joins the Agricultural Network for innovation,Research and Extension


In the framework of the FAO project “Strengthening the functional linkages and building capacities among the stakeholders of the national research and extension system for providing effective and relevant services to Albanian smallholder farmers”, the Agricultural Network for innovation, Research and Extension was created. Scientific Research Institutes, centers for the transfer of technology, structures of the extension services, nongovernmental organizations and associations focused in agriculture, suppliers of agricultural inputs etc are part of this network.

This network aims at building a communication strategy in the extension through technological means of information and communication by connecting people in various geographical areas; enabling discussions and exchange of information; also by enabling a fast processing and management of data; it is an incentive for a better coordination of resources; it enables an informed decision-taking process etc.

Consequently, a training on “Basics on information and communication technologies and training of trainers for effective use of VERCON-Albania” was held in Vore, Albania from 19-22 of July 2011. Furthermore, all stakeholders participating in the training decided for the creation of the Agricultural Network for Innovation, Research and Extension.



Promotion of Traditional food


In January 27, in Gjegjan village of Kukes region, it was held the ceremony for promotion of the "Catalogue of Traditional food products of Kukes region", produced by two Organizations PROGRESS and RASP with the support from CBC project of EU and UNDP.


This catalogue is a very serious product, which will support the promotion of the culture of that region and will help the development of tourism sector. In this publication are described about 75 different products of agriculture, animal production, agro processing and traditional cuisine. For all products in the catalogue there are described: method of preparation, season, and link with tradition. The catalogue is published in two languages, Albanian and English, and it is illustrated with pictures of each product.


The catalogue is distributed to all local and national institutions, that work or collaborate in tourist sector, project and programs that work on development of this sector, tourist agencies, hotels and restaurants in the region, and soon the catalogue will available in the market in Albania and abroad.




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